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Every wine has a story. Sometimes the story grows out of the courage and pioneering spirit of the winemaker. Other times the story almost ends with sudden spring frost only to be revived by the harvest-time heat wave. At its saddest, the story is not about the wine but the pest that destroyed it.

The story may also emerge from the connoisseur's journey to meet the wine or the wine's journey to meet the connoisseur. Many times the story begins only when the wine is enjoyed and continues its life in people's memories.

We are not always sure whether we enjoy the story behind the wine more than the wine itself. Enjoying the story will not succeed unless the quality of the wine is at a par with the story. Mere words and phrases will not make a bad wine better, but they do make a good wine taste better and feel unforgettable.

Wine is at its best when drunk, and particularly when drunk in good company. That the experience becomes unique and memorable depends on how you consume your wine – the wine experience is always very personal. Every one of us brings a part of his or her personality and history into it. The final "blend" is different every time. We try to contribute by an unprejudiced attitude, positive frame of mind and humble respect for the wines that often have experienced more than we have. In our opinion, top wines should not be consumed nor evaluated only based on taste, because their long history and their local culture are part of the wine itself. We do not put our souls only into the wine, but also into the period and culture that produced it. Together they make the experience perfect.

We would like the Fine magazine to allow you a glimpse into the fascinating world your taste buds cannot describe. Our sincere wish is that you, dear reader, could share the world's top wines with us and rejoice. The group of experts at the magazine will help you to develop and understand the challenging combination of your sense of taste and your feelings.

What a magnificent adventure into the world of taste, knowledge and self-knowledge!

We will, through these magazines, tell you only about wines and producers who base their operation on personality, integrity, uniqueness.

Briefly put, you need beliefs and skills that together produce a whole experience. These are also the foundation of our work. We believe that as long as making these magazines is based on the same values as its contents, we will be able to create something new, revolutionary and valuable, for you as well as for ourselves.

Pekka Nuikki

Founder of the FINE Magazines, and BWW-Best Wine of the World-Competition


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