The internationally acclaimed FINE publications create a unique sensory experience for the enjoyment of fine wines by combining award-winning photographs with exclusive stories and a stunning visual design. Pekka Nuikki is one of the leading and most productive wine authors in Europe. Several wine themed books of his have been published in recent years, most recently publications in English and German including: Drinking History i and II ‚ Stories from Wines and Vintages 1870-1970; Mouton-Rothschild Art and Wine; 100-Best Champagnes, Wines of the Century and the ‘Michelin Guide’ to the wine world, 1000 Finest Wines Ever Made. .

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Drinking History II -stories from wines and vintages 1727-2010

Published 5/2015:

"Drinking History is a monumental stone. An astonishing and brilliant work, beautifully designed and imaginative! My Vintage Wine-book has been described as “Magnum opus”, yours is a Jeroboam” Michael Broadbent MW


Drinking History II is a precious rarity, a book that transcends the genre of wine literature and brings a new dimension to the enjoyment of fine wine. Unlike other wine books, it does not stop at taste but takes the reader on an extraordinary journey through the history and culture of the wine. The result is a provocative, unique and exciting experience for both wine enthusiasts and those who simply love to read a good book.It brings together sensory evaluation of the world´s finest mature wines and the fascinating stories behind them and their vintages starting from 1870.

 The book provides expert advice on the care of mature wines, their drinking time, decanting and durability in the glass. With hundreds of the world´s best and most sought-after wines tasted, it tells how to make the best of your bottles (and how much to pay for them).

This beautifully illustrated volume is much more than just a good book. It is a piece of art that proudly takes its place on any book shelf or coffee table, and it is bound to give its readers profound and permanent pleasure.  In brief, this book a must for all wine lovers who want to take their personal enjoyment of wine to new heights.

As Nuikki says: ”It´s no longer about just drinking wine, it’s about drinking history!”


Drinking History is very complete, well done, precise and professionnal book. Photos are magnificient.
An essential "material" for serious wine lovers. 
Frederic Engerern /President of Château Latour

 Drinking history is a monumental book on fine wines!
Nuikki is a true past master in the art of encouraging wine aficionados to drink history.
One of the greatest thing with such an informative book in that you can consult it before, during and after drinking! Additionally, I wish to say that pictures are second to none.
Christian Pol-Roger


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